Founder Lisa Neisingh

Six Generations were involved in preparing for the enjoyable wine country vacation experience awaiting you today at Wine Country Lodges. Wine Country Lodges’ history in Sonoma County started with our founder, Lisa A. Neisingh. Lisa was raised in Sonoma County in the 1940’s and 50’s, where she enjoyed vacations with her family at their riverfront cabin on Healdsburg’s Fitch Mountain. It was here at Fitch Mountain where she learned to swim with her cousins in the Russian River. She grew up loving the great outdoors and the “lakeside cabin” style of early Healdsburg riverfront communities, which we’re reminiscent of where she was born in Minnesota’s north woods. Wanting to share these memorable experiences with others by offering riverfront getaway’s to family and friends, Wine Country Lodges grew and added riverfront homes, all in the vicinity of Healdsburg’s historic river resort, Camp Rose.

Camp Rose in Healdsburg, CA.
Camp Rose in Healdsburg, CA circa 1920.

All our homes are elegant, yet rustic residences; that fit into the natural riverfront environment that are both casual and eye appealing. Each home comfortably accommodates guests seeking a place to gather for memorable retreats with family and friends. The very restful, natural settings offer guests a welcome respite from urban life, providing all the comforts of home in an incredibly beautiful and unspoiled natural environment. Wine Country Lodges continues to grow in the tradition of welcoming guests and is now owned and managed by Lisa’s children Jared B Pickrell and Jill E Jensen. Our families continue to enjoy filling these wonderful riverfront homes with comfortable furnishings, relaxing upscale amenities, and providing an array of adventurous and leisurely activities for our guests to enjoy.

Estelle Neisingh holding Lisa
Estelle Neisingh (1946),
holding baby Lisa.

Alfred & Theodora<br>Neisingh
Alfred & Theodora
Neisingh (circa 1921)

Lisa’s great-grandmother, Estelle, was our first family member to live here at Fitch Mountain, helping run Healdsburg’s historic Camp Rose Inn.

Lisa’s grandfather, Alfred, instilled in Lisa a love for the outdoors. Theodora, Lisa’s grandmother, was an artist, musician, and designer with Gumps in San Francisco. Her grandparents, born in Minnesota, raised their children here in Sonoma County and taught them to swim at Camp Rose. Theodora passed along not only an appreciation for such charming things as birch bark canoes and fireflies, but also of art and decorating using the natural environment.

Ann Nichols - Artist
Ann Nichols

Bill Nichols
Bill Nichols

Lisa’s mother, Ann is the matriarch of the family and an accomplished artist and member of the International Society of Oil Pastel Artists. She lives in Sonoma County and is an active member of many local organizations. Ann continually provides tireless design advice and help to the business. Her paintings, and her fantastic artistic guidance, are found throughout our homes.

Our Grandpa, Bill, has been involved in so many ways to make our homes truly special and unique, from weaving pine needle baskets, to whittling tree branches into towel hooks, to peeling bark with a draw knife, and carving logs for our fireplace mantles. So many of the special accent touches that you find in our homes are demonstrations of Grandpa Bill’s craftsmanship.

We would not be complete without giving thanks and appreciating the contribution and the talents of many of the people who make this possible, from super contractors, to hard working laborers, to dedicated housekeepers, to family, friends, and spouses that have labored with us on-site and behind the scenes in order to make your vacation possible. We enjoy working together to do this, and we pray that our collective efforts will prove to be a blessing to you and yours…

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Healdsburg’s Riverfront Wine Country & Wine Country Lodges!

Jared B. Pickrell - owner of Wine Country Lodges

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